As Google states, they are in the business of organizing te world’s information. Apart from the search engine, which is their core business, they have also ventured into other sources of information like books, videos, maps etc. They realized the value of technology and invested heavily in hardware and software to provide users with a quality experience. This approach has resulted in “google” becoming a common verb used even by children. As the case states, Google is the leader not only in the US market, but world wide.

With all the advantages associated with the brand name, Google should focus on maintaining their lead by providing users superior experiences with their products. In the coming years, Google can focus on “semantic searching” which will further enhance the user search experience. Expanding into the mobile phone software market was a good move since more and more customers rely on smarphones.  Building a portal like Yahoo has would definitely provide users with a “one stop” shop for its services. Google could also venture into providing hardware along with software, just like Apple does.

Google should be cautious in its global expansion plans after its experience in China – the approach of the Chinese Government was in direct contradiction to Google’s effort to provide all valid search results to its users.


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